About Us

Welcome to FitLife Health! Providing high quality health, fitness and martial arts services on the Gold Coast. We aim to support Safer, Stronger and Healthier communities through our role as health care providers, educators in well-being and vitality, and trainers of the highest quality martial and exercise arts.

The consolidation of the Academy of Traditional East Asian Medicine (A.-T.E.A.M. Clinic), Mudgeeraba Chinese Kung Fu Academy (MCKFA) and FitLife Martial Arts. After 15 years of growth we decided it was time to rebrand and consolidate. Therefore the 3 arms of our businesses, which are Traditional East Asian Medicine and Natural Therapies, Henry Sue’s Circular Tong Long Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and our own FitLife based Martial Arts and exercise classes can now be found here on the FitLife Health website.

The A.-T.E.A.M. Clinic has now been rebranded as FitLife Acupuncture. We supply Japanese Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and natural therapies to Mudgeeraba, Robina, and surrounding suburbs of the Gold Coast.

All of our classes will be taught under the umbrella of FitLife Martial Arts. We have also expanded our online shop and have introduced downloadable lessons. We invite you to explore our site.

What we stand for

FitLife Ethos

FitLife Health will provide you with many options for enhancing your fitness, health, longevity, protection, and self development on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. We have a strong grounding in morality, etiquette, ethics, health, and safety, while making your experience fun.

FitLife Vision

FitLife Health is an organisation that can offer you many avenues to enhance your wellbeing, vitality, fitness, personal safety and that of the ones you love. You will improve your emotional and mental wellbeing, and even develop your spiritual path. In short with our expertise and your desire, you will enhance your life!

FitLife Martial Arts Philosophy

At FitLife Martial Arts our goal is to provide members with the environment, tools, knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, and support to affect any aspect of their wellbeing, leading to a better life. You will always be made to feel welcome as we instil a family oriented atmosphere based on etiquette, ethics, respect, and morality.
Wellbeing encompasses many facets of your life, and is viewed differently from person to person. We want you to find balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Through your training, whether it be in fitness, martial arts, self defense, internal arts, or online learning you will be provided with excellent support and service from all of our instructors.

For FitLife students

What will you achieve in your training with FitLife Martial Arts?

  • Improved fitness, health, and longevity
  • More energy, vitality, and power output
  • Weight loss, muscle tone, better mobility
  • More confidence, focus, and motivation
  • New friends of like mind and goals
  • Skills to defend yourself and loved ones
  • A higher quality of life with respect for yourself and others
  • New attitudes and commitment to your health and well being
  • Become calmer mentally and emotionally
  • Learn the values of morality of mind and deed
  • What we guarantee you in your training with FitLife Martial Arts™.
  • Integrity, loyalty, and commitment from our instructors
  • Respect and consideration for your training goals
  • Concern for your health and personal safety
  • Punctuality and disciplined conduct
  • A healthy, positive attitude
  • To be a part of your training journey
  • To give you value for your time and money

FitLife Acupuncture Philosophy

What will you achieve in your training with FitLife Martial Arts?

Our aim is to provide excellence in preventative medicine using classical and modern acupuncture and moxibustion, natural therapies, and body work. At the FitLife Health Acupuncture Clinic we will strive to take an active role in the education of the public on how traditional East Asian medicine and natural therapies can play a part in the everyday maintenance of their health and well being.

Our clinic readily provides service to Mudgeeraba, Robina, and surrounding suburbs, with people travelling from as far as Brisbane, Toowoombah, Byron Bay, and Mullumbimby.