Young Mantis – Kids Kung Fu

Our Kids Kung Fu (Young Mantis) classes teach children from the age of 7 to 12 years the art of Southern Tong Long Kung Fu. The classes also include traditional Shaolin Kung Fu basics and drills. All classes are taught by MAIA accredited instructors.

'Every child should learn martial arts, any martial art - karate, judo, aikido, Chinese kung fu. If they do, they will respect themselves, their parents, and others. They will respect life, everything. You don't learn that discipline, that self-respect, you could be just another wild kid on the streets, a bully.' - Jackie Chan, 2010.

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Who are Young Mantis Classes for?

We have a Junior Class on Mondays & Wednesdays catering for all Young Mantis ages (7 - 12).

We set the age limits at 7 to 12 years but each child is assessed by Sifu on their own merits. If your child is 5 and can keep focused and not disturb the other students, then they may be accepted into our training. If your child is 12 and disrupts the class then they will be asked not to return to training.

We only want students who are committed to their training. We are not a babysitting service. Our Tong Long Kung Fu system is not as easy as some other available martial arts, so please explore all avenues before committing to us. Sifu gladly invites anyone to come and have a try, but he will let you know if our system is not suitable for your child. We are passionate about our art and will give all serious students 100% attention to take them as far as they want to go in their training.

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The format of the the class:

Joint warm ups

We want to strengthen and mobilise all the joints of the body. In Chinese philosophy, it is our joints that are prone to injury and deterioration with age because of their location close to the body surface. Therefore, we always warm them up before advancing to more active exercises.

Basic stretches, strength exercises, and technique drills

We continue warming the body by stretching the muscles of the arms, torso, and legs. Next comes basic strength building exercises such as various push ups, abdominal crunches, horse stance, single leg stances, push leg, push arm, and hand conditioning routines. The technique drills start to build heart and lung capacity and strength. Here the students are pushed harder and quicker through different drills. These include foot work, kicking, various circuit routines, and hitting hand pads.


Each of our adult grades has been divided into 3 levels to make it achieveable for the children. This also means they can make easy transitions into the adult classes when they come of age. (They start at the beginning again as their physical and mental development is then assessed through the grades at their new understanding). Each grade teaches the student how to develop and generate a particular type of energy for their techniques. See our Tong Long Grades page for more information on this.

Single Hand Techniques

These are the individual techniques taken from the student's form. They learn to step and perform the technique equally with the left and right hands / feet. They will also hit hand pads to discover how it feels to use the technique with all their power.


These are not part of the student's learning until White Level 1 (the 2nd grade into the system). Jongs are two person combinations of movements that teach the student how to apply their Single Hand Techniques in a "fighting" situation. These combinations are choreographed and monitored, so no unnecessary hitting or power is allowed. Bullying or intimidating other students is not tolerated! Control and accuracy is required to be allowed to grade and to move onto the next level of skill.


We will often utilise fun games to enhance camaraderie, hand eye co-ordination, fitness, etc. These include relays, ball games, reflex games,

Warm downs

Classes finish with some gentle stretching and breathing exercises.


For a student to grade they are required to receive approval from their parents, their school teacher/s, and then from Sifu. This procedure was implemented so the students realise they need to perform and behave well not only in the Kung Fu classes, but also at home and at school. Grading dates are set throughout the year, but if a student is ready before this, a grading will be held. To be eligible for a grading students must be able to remember all of the required material, and to perform it with accuracy.

Young Mantis Training Guidelines.

Kids Kung Fu - Young MantisOur school comes from a long tradition of etiquette and respect. We not only teach the physical side of Kung Fu, but also the mental and moral side of the art. Below are some of the basic guidelines required of our Young Mantis students.

  • I WILL NOT RUN around and shout in the school hall.
  • I WILL NOT TALK while training.
  • I WILL TRY MY HARDEST at training.
  • I WILL LISTEN to my Instructors.
  • I WILL CONDUCT myself in a respectful manner.
  • I WILL NOT TEACH other students.
  • I WILL RETURN training equipment to its place.

If any students are caught using what they learn from training for the wrong reason they will be expelled from our school.

Important information for students

We recommend that students have their own handpads for hygiene reasons. You are welcome to source your own however we have some available at the club for purchase.

Remember School Holidays and Public Holidays we have no Young Mantis training.

To learn more about your school, its etiquette, and your Sifu have a look through our website.