Location: Firth Park, Mudgeeraba (Gold Coast) 
Ph: 07 5559 2894
a trusted local club 
in operation since 2003
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Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Kung Fu
with 6th Degree Master SIFU MARC WEBSTER
Get fit, protect yourself and have fun!
Modern day self-defence with all of the traditions of a Chinese Martial Art
  •  Learn to Defend Yourself: Effective and practical fighting style
  •  Get Fit & Build Strength: High intensity classes
  • Have Fun & Meet People: Family friendly club full of great people
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Circular Tong Long
Circular Tong Long Kung Fu is a very fast, direct, and effective fighting style built upon the fundamentals of the Kung Fu styles of Southern Preying Mantis, Eagle Claw and Cotton Palm as well as the principles of Yang and Chen style Tai Chi.

In this system, speed is essential and we train students to be able to deliver maximum power through correct external and internal body mechanics. The progressive practise of Ying (shape), Yi (mind), Hai (breath), Sun (focus), Gung (power) in our training allows for devastating power to be produced in our strikes from very short distances.
Weekly class times
  • Monday: 7:10pm - 8:30pm
  •  Wednesday: 7:10pm - 8:30pm
  •  Thursday: 6:15pm - 7:45pm
  •  Saturday: 10:15am - 11:45am
Get started with our introductory course
Get fit while learning how to defend yourself under the expert tutelage of Sifu Marc Webster (6th degree expert and one of only two of this level in Australia) and his team of experienced instructors. Study a modern take on an ancient practice with Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Kung Fu.

So, join a group of like minded people and get a taste for our system of martial arts in a supportive, ego free and friendly club.

The course caters for both men and women of all skill and fitness levels, which means that you don't need to have trained in martial arts before.

This course will introduce you to the basic warm ups, conditioning drills, Kung Fu fundamentals, and Circular Tong Long principles. This course will also use the Doon Gwun, or short stick, to speed up the teaching of your body mechanics to generate maximum power.
"A brilliant school, rooted in traditions of respect and martial morality. The art is amazing however this school in particular has always made me feel so welcomed. It has such a great family and social atmosphere where martial arts are trained with humility and without ego, not what I expected from a martial arts school when I first started. I have made so many life long friends here.
I'm 6 years in and still only scratching the surface of this immense and deep fighting art. The guidance and teachings from Sifu are something that will keep me here for many years to come."

Brendon - Blue Belt Level 2
"A fantastic martial art taught by the brilliant Sifu Marc Webster and his terrific instructors - in a focussed yet fun and friendly environment. Everyone is made to feel welcome from the moment they first walk in. This is an awesome school."

Simon - Orange Belt

"Family feel, community oriented club that respects tradition whilst still being extremely pragmatic as a style of kung fu. Highly recommended!"

David - Green Belt Level 1
"Love this place. Great instructors. Very family orientated environment. Learn everything from Mantis Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong and more. I arrived one day 2.5 years ago to learn Tai Chi to help with my anxiety and haven't looked back. Great place to switch off your mind from every day dramas and open your mind to something totally different, challenging and rewarding."

Kirren - Blue Belt Level 1
Sifu Marc Webster
Sifu Marc Webster (6th degree Red Sash) is extremely passionate about traditional Chinese Martial Arts and even more so about the moral codes, standards of ethics, and etiquette that go with them. 

For more than 24 years he has been a dedicated student under his Sifu 9th Degree Grandmaster Henry Sue. Over those decades he has also committed himself to Tong Long Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong. More recently he has had the opportunity to study under great teachers of Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Filipino Arts in the Filipino Elusive Warrior system. 

Under his direction, students of Circular Tong Long Kung Fu and Tai Chi not only learn the physical skills of arts steeped in tradition and warfare but also the morality of mind and deed that is required by the warriors of centuries past. Sifu Marc leads a dedicated and highly competent team of Kung Fu and Tai Chi instructors to instill martial skills, and more importantly, life skills and values into the students of his school.
6th Degree Master Sifu Marc Webster demonstrating a wrist grip technique used in Kung Fu to control and restrict the movement of your opponent. You'll see the other hand up in an 'active' position, ready to strike at short distance with the speed and power of Tong Long Kung Fu.
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The traditional Southern Kung Fu system takes its power from the correct stance, or ‘ma’. This stance involves grabbing the floor at just the right moment to generate and deliver maximum power to the striking surface.

The power then moves from the feet through the legs and body, and up out the fist. The entire body becomes the driving force. Basically a close-in fighting system, Southern Preying Mantis is known for its “one-inch strikes”, similar to the one-inch punch made famous by the legendary Bruce Lee. 
Mantis practitioners do not give their opponents a chance to deliver more than one blow. The practitioner turns defence into attack by striking immediately. The theory is to get your opponent off-balance and not let him regain it; at the same time, shift in close and attack with many rapid-fire short strikes.

Many of the strikes are open palm attacks, which are a faster strike to deliver. The characteristic fist of the system is the phoenix eye fist, which the mantis practitioner uses to attack pressure points.

The distance needed to provide the devastating power of Southern Preying Mantis becomes shorter over time as the training moves from externally generated power to internally generated power. In this system with regular discipline it will become possible to knock someone out with your palm already contacting the head, without the need to physically draw back your arm.
Weapons in the Southern Mantis Kung Fu fighting style include, the Staff, Tridents (or Sai’s), Walking Stick, Single and Double Short Sticks, Single Broadsword, Butterfly Swords, Tai Chi Sabre, and Tai Chi Fan.

Weapons are taught to students after they have spent time on the basics, and specific weapons are introduced in certain grades to enhance the understanding and power of the techniques.
Three instructors demonstrating some choreographed hitting sequences (Jongs) which are repeated many times over in order to train accuracy and speed of technique, and in the case of the person receiving the hits, body conditioning. 
Essentially, Circular Preying Mantis Kung Fu doesn’t practice blocking. Instead, our ‘blocks’ are initiated as attacks.

To defend ourselves we will strike any incoming limbs with a ferocity that immediately puts the attacker on the back foot. The initial ‘block’ can be used as an attack to redirect the force of their attacking blow, but it is still hit with maximum power. 

This power is not used directly against force in the Preying Mantis system; again, that wastes valuable time. Using Tai Chi principles we redirect the blow and immediately counterattack with rapid, multiple strikes. 

What better way to deter a would-be attacker than delivering power that instantly produces fear. If you can hit hard enough a person will faint, whether you hit their head, arm, or body.
FitLife Martial Arts
Sifu Marc Webster has been teaching Kung Fu in Mudgeeraba since 2003. The club is proud of the contribution they have made to the community during this time. Come and become part of the growing family.