Dean Monk – FitLife Newcastle

Dean Monk (Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Esoteric Acupuncture)

My Journey into Chinese Culture started when the NZ Army posted me to Singapore in 1980; here I began my lifelong passion and study of three Gems – Qigong, Chinese Medicine & Kung Fu. This all began at the Nam Wah Pai Institute of Art of Self Defence with Master Sim Poh Kok. After more than five years in the Army, I decided to pursue TCM formally. In 1986, I embarked on a four year course of study with Professor Wong Lun, at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Melbourne). I graduated end of 1990, with a Diploma of TCM.

Then at the Academy of Natural Therapies (Gold Coast) I qualified in both Swedish Massage & Zen Shiatsu (1991 & 1994). From 1995 – 2004, I studied Qigong With Master Jirong Zhang at the China Institute International (Brisbane). In 1996, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Majoring in Health Science) at Griffith University (Gold Coast). Since 1997, I have been the Acupuncturist/TCM Practitioner & Lecturer at The Golden Door Health Retreat (Gold Coast)

In 2000, I qualified as a Zen Bodytherapy Practitioner with Zentherapy International (USA). In 2000, I completed the Postgraduate Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Training Course at the University of Sydney. In 2006, I graduated with a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Degree at University of Western Sydney.

From 2008 – 2009, I studied Tiandi Qigong with Master Zhao Shihua (Sydney). Since 2009, I have been teaching Anmo-Tuina & Cupping at Massage Schools of Queensland. Since 2010, I have been studying Esoteric Acupuncture with Dr Mikio Sankey (USA) at the Shiatsu College Australia (Melbourne)

In 2010, I moved my private practice to the A.T.E.A.M. in Mudgeeraba. In 2010, I trained Qigong with Grandmaster Anthony Wee of Chi Dynamics International at The Golden Door Health Retreat – Elysia (Hunter Valley). I am currently the head acupuncturist and martial arts instructor for the Golden Door Health Retreat (Hunter Valley).

My practice today combines the five modalities of Professor Wong’s TCM (Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage, Food Therapy and Exercise Therapy), with Qigong Breathing Therapy, Dub Leigh’s Zen Bodytherapy and Dr Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture. This together with my experience working at The Golden Door Health Retreat for nearly a decade and a half has given me a unique insight into Wellbeing. This has led to the development of what I call Lifestyle Therapy.

I specialise in stress and stress related conditions and how they affect posture, breathing, digestion, sleep, anxiety and vitality; musculoskeletal problems and nicotine addiction.

I am also a Senior Instructor and Dai Sihing of the Mudgeeraba branch of the Chinese Kung Fu Academy and co-founder of FitLife Martial Arts.