Personal Training

We can provide personal training for you in any of the classes we offer. You can have any length of training you require from 30 minutes to several hours. Our material is varied and you can focus on one type of training, or combine several different regimes together over 1 session. You may also decide to have a small group of people take up one of our personal training sessions.

We have the following to choose from:

Kung Fu - Tong Long Kung Fu is renowned for its devastating hitting power. We can teach you how to utilise your body's maximum energy output to deter any would be attacker. Our system is built on the traditional values of ancient martial China. It is a formidable system that will improve your strength, fitness, flexibility, physical and mental balance, and speed, while enhancing your conditioning, breathing, mental focus, discipline, and self confidence. The complete system includes warm ups, cardio, forms, single hand techniques, training two man combinations, padwork, weapons, stretching, and specialised qigong.

Self Defence - use padwork to train rapid, repetitve, heavy strikes. You will train your fingers, hands, elbows, knees, feet, and head. Learn grappling, locking, and tearing techniques. We will instil a fierce mental focus and arm you with effective weapons to defend yourself.

Tai Chi - learn Yang Style Tai Chi forms, increase your leg strength, breathing capacity, bone density, concentration, and energy output. We can also teach all Long Fist Tai Chi martial applications as they were designed to be used centuries ago.

Qigong and Meditation - the practice of Qigong will increase your health and prolong your life by building internal energy and encouraging a smooth blood flow. It incorporates breathing, visualisation, and some movement. Qigong can be performed stationery or moving, as well as in a lying, sitting, or standing position.

We can also help you train in the discipline of meditation. This is very important to keep a clear and focused mind under pressure. We should balance any physical exertion with an equal amount of physical and mental stillness. This is one of the hardest practices to acheive discipline in.

Stretching and Flexibility - the Chinese say "flexibility is life and stiffness is death" and "man is born soft and supple, but dies stiff and hard." These proverbs clearly indicate the importance of maintaining a flexible body for good health and a long life. We have a complete system of stretching that can cater for the stiffest students, up to the very flexible. We use a combination of Japanese, Chinese, and Indian techniques.

Dietary and Lifestyle Management - we teach the art of preventative medicine using traditional East Asian ideas about diet and lifestyle. Not only do we give the philosophies to you, but will also give you many useful therapies, techniques, recipes, exercises, tonics, teas, etc to put straight into practice in your own life.

Others include -

Kardio Kung Fu, Fitness, and Weight Loss.
Flex and Mobility classes.
Breathing and Internal Arts.
SteelBody and Warrior Qigong classes.
KidsFit, anti-bullying, and self esteem programs.
and much, much more……

We can also offer you small class sizes too, up to 4 people.You may have your own ideas on how you would like you personal classes structured and we are happy to discuss these with you.

The location of the classes can be chosen by you, otherwise we train at our fulltime venue at Firth Park, Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba.

If you have any queries on how we can help you achieve your goals of health, fitness, longevity, and wellbeing please do not hesitate to contact us.

With more than 56 years experience together in Chinese Martial Arts and Traditional East Asian Medicine, Marc Webster and Dean Monk can provide a unique experience for all levels of interest, business, or development. Whether it is team building, sports performance, improving the health and safety of staff, education, self defence, or private tuition, Marc, Dean, and their team can provide a very wide range of services and programmes to suit.