Kardio Kung Fu

Kardio Kung Fu takes the best of Western fitness routines and methods and combines them with the best knowledge and techniques from ancient martial arts. This means you get a unique way to get fit while improving your health, and learning practical methods of self protection.

We utilise the latest in personal training and fitness routines incorporating your own bodyweight for training. We use Monkey Gym equipment and techniques, Tactical Fitness exercises and intense circuit training. Our martial knowledge is drawn from Northern Shaolin, Southern Preying Mantis Kung Fu, Chinese internal arts, and Western boxing.

This combination of East and West proves to be the best for enhancing long term health, not just externally but internally as well. Your exercise is something that you should be able to improve for life. In Asia this is the point of many exercises. You get better with age. You don’t reach a point where you need to give up your exercise and replace it with something else.


Who is it for?

Kardio Kung Fu is for those members that want to lose weight, tone up, improve cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, and have fun while learning some of the foundation techniques and applications from a mix of martial arts. These classes are based on routines to increase heart and breathing rates, get motivated to work up a sweat, test yourself against other members and the clock. We will introduce basic techniques used in a variety of martial art systems. You will get a full body workout while developing basic self protection.

You will also join like minded members who have been attracted to our classes for similar reasons. With our background in East Asian medicine and martial arts we can provide classes with greater depth than your usual run of the mill gym or boot camp – physically, mentally, and spiritually. FitLife Martial Arts™ attracts people from all walks of life who are interested in quality training, long term health and fitness, vitality and wellbeing, and a positive attitude. You won’t find any egos just great teachers, hardworking members, and hopefully valuable new friendships.

Group classes are held outdoors and indoors depending on the location and weather. Personal training can be held at your home or other venue of your choice. Alternatively your instructor can arrange the training venue.