In Ancient China before the advent of firearms the famous Shaolin Monks were considered invincible. This was due in part to their incredible training method called Iron Shirt (sometimes referred to as Golden Bell). Iron Shirt training allowed the recipient to withstand heavy blows to the body. This training was achieved through long periods of absorbing qi (energy) from the environment; condensing and packing it internally and when needed exploding it to the surface to repel an external impact.

A good analogy would be if you pumped up a car tyre and then hit it as hard as you can with an iron bar, it would bounce off. The harder you hit that tyre the faster the iron bar would be repelled. Here at FitLife Martial Arts we use the term FitLife SteelBody to represent this modern interpretation of this ancient art to show the resilience in both the Steel and the Body.

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There are many methods of Iron Shirt that have been developed over time by various Kung Fu Schools. The FitLife SteelBody Method is drawn from five schools taught over a 30-year period. The training has four levels of a hundred days each and involves special internal strength (Neigong) breathing methods, holding postures, external impact training combined with exercises that will prepare the practitioner for FitLife Warrior training.

FitLife SteelBody training is suitable for those who want to increase their vitality or are involved in contact sports.