Community Acupuncture

Starting in January 2014, FitLife Health will offer a new opportunity for many more people to access this great form of medicine.

Our location at Firth Park, Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba will be the site for group acupuncture treatments.

We aim to make acupuncture accessible for as many people as possible in a relaxed environment. Community acupuncture is common in China and Japan, and the energy and social interaction of the group amplifies the positive effects of treatment. You will be seated in a large room with other people receiving acupuncture. There is also the opportunity to receive moxibustion therapy and massage where the condition requires them. This group setting allows for families to attend together, or friends, work colleagues, etc. You may talk and interact with others, or just close your eyes and relax.


We operate a sliding scale of $20-40 each visit. You decide what you can afford.

Having a larger group of people treated at the same times means we can keep costs down for the individual. In this way many people that may not normally seek acupuncture treatment, now have the opportunity to do so. And at these prices you can come in much more regularly to achieve the health outcomes you desire.

Please note : there is a $10 one-time administration fee due at your first appointment.

Health fund rebates available through HICAPS.

First Visit

You will need to fill out some forms so please come in 10 or 15 minutes early to complete them.

Your treatment can vary in time from 20 minutes to 1 hour. You decide when you are ready, when your body feels like it has 'had enough'.

You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing so the acupuncturist can access to your feet and legs up to the knees, and your hands and arms up to the elbow. All clothing must allow access to the points on these parts of your body. DO NOT wear tight pants or stockings. A loose necked shirt can also allow for treatment at the neck and shoulders. Remove any jewellery from wrist, ankles and neck prior to treatment.