History of Henry Sue Circular Preying Mantis Kung Fu


The Chinese Kung Fu Academy was established in 1958 and has been providing training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over 50 years. With branches all over the world, today we continue to teach a unique and practical fighting style. Henry Sue’s Circular Preying Mantis (Tong Long Yuen Mo Pai ) is a system of fighting that utilises devastating power and incredible speed.

Our system originates from the Chow Gar lineage of Chow Ah-Naam. It was brought from Hong Kong to Australia by Dr. Nat Yuen and taught to Henry Sue. For over 55 years Grandmaster Sue has been practising and researching the methods of Southern Preying Mantis Kung Fu, Yang style Tai Chi, and Chen style Tai Chi.

Recently these decades of devoted practice have lead to the realisation that the more circular and wave like power of Tai Chi can greatly enhance the speed and devastating shock power output of the Kung Fu. Basically he discovered the ability to use the theories of Yin and Yang within this fighting system, changing from hard and fast, to soft and controlling and back again within a split second.

With the greatest encouragement and many blessings from his own Sifu, this has lead to the birth of Grandmaster Henry Sue’s Tong Long Yuen Mo Pai, or Preying Mantis Circular Hand Style.

Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu has been taken to an entirely new level by Grand Master Henry Sue through over 50 years of dedication towards the essence of Kung Fu.  He has uniquely created a fighting style using Tai Chi’s circular and borrowing movements, plus cotton palm and eagles claw to make a fighting style suited to smaller people wishing to overcome bigger opponents.

Chow Ah-Naam Dr. Nat Yuen Henry Sue marc-webster

The Mudgeeraba Branch

The Mudgeeraba Chinese Kung Fu Academy branch opened in 2003 when Sifu Marc Webster achieved his 1st Degree Red Sash under 9th Degree Grandmaster Henry Sue. This was after 10 years of consistent and dedicated training in Southern Preying Mantis Kung Fu, Yang style Tai Chi, and various Qigong systems. The branch started in the Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall but quickly out grew those premises and the school moved to the Mudgeeraba District Sporting Association's Auditorium at Firth Park.