Kids Kung Fu

At our school children will learn various kids martial arts styles with a greater emphasis on our own Southern Preying Mantis Kung Fu as they grow older. Our school comes from a long tradition of etiquette and respect. We not only teach the physical side of Kung Fu, but also the mental and moral side of the art.

We will also often utilise fun games to enhance camaraderie, hand eye co-ordination, fitness, etc. These include relays, ball games and reflex games.

"Every child should learn martial arts, any martial art - karate, judo, aikido, Chinese kung fu. If they do, they will respect themselves, their parents, and others. They will respect life, everything. You don't learn that discipline, that self-respect, you could be just another wild kid on the streets, a bully." Jackie Chan, 2010.

kids kung fu

We cater for children from the age of 4. Read more about our various kids martial arts classes in the Mini Mantis, Young Mantis and Teen Mantis links to the right.