Tai Chi Introductory Package


Our Tai Chi classes are for anybody wanting to improve bone density, strength of their legs and joints, flexibility of the waist, improve concentration and to calm the mind. You will improve your breathing by increasing lung capacity and your heart rate will slow, yet you can still work up a sweat.

Tai Chi can also improve the fighting ability of martial artists by teaching them how to deal with oncoming force, how to balance their body for maximum energy output, and to achieve an external softness while maintaining an internal hardness.

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Product Description

This 5 class pass will allow you to experience our Tai Chi classes where you will be introduced to the basic warm ups, Tai Chi fundamentals and principles, and basic movements.

This package is open to everyone of all ages and brings you together to train with other like minded people. Our training caters for all skill and fitness levels, which means that you don't need to have trained before or be in shape to begin.