Submit Student Feedback

Like many good service providers, FitLife Martial Arts would like to give it’s students the opportunity to provide feedback about the school and the classes it provides.

If you’ve got a really good idea or have some general feedback that you’d like to provide, you can do so in one of two ways:

Anonymous Feedback

We understand that sometimes in class, you may not feel comfortable raising the ideas and/or issues that you have.

By clicking the link below you can submit any feedback that you have in complete anonymity.

All feedback is reviewed, taken on board and used to mould the organisation into one that better suits the interests of its students.

Click here to submit anonymous feedback

Ask Sifu

We all know how busy Sifu can be, and we all know that his time is scarce. We don’t always get the opportunity to ask him the questions that might be playing on our minds.

By clicking the link below you can submit any question to Sifu. All submissions are anonymous.

All questions are reviewed and, if practicable, are addressed in the FitLife Martial Arts monthly newsletter.

Click here to ask a question