Exercise for Detoxing the Body

There are countless ways that exercise can assist to detox the body. In the East movement is considered medicine and they have developed many exercise regimes to apply this idea, assisting in the recovery from illness, to prevent disease, to boost immunity, well being, and vitality, and to extend the longevity of life span.


Every time you twist and turn your body, extend and coil your limbs, stretch the fascia, stress your muscles, or mobilise your joints, you are encouraging the release of toxins from the tissues and aiding the organs in their roles of detoxification.

Qigong : uses rhythmic movements to expand and collapse the body as you focus on various breathing methods. The body and the breathing are used like a pump to move Qi, blood, body fluids, and the toxins affecting these and the structures and tissues of the body.

Flex (Stretch Therapy) : in this class we focus on changing the brain’s perceived limits of flexibility and mobility. This is achieved through contracting and relaxing the muscles and fascia. We use stretches held for time and often with props and/or one or more partners to sustain a bigger stretch than might be achieved on your own. These movements along with a focus on fasical fitness and full breathing will add to the body’s ability to detox the tissues.

Tai Chi : is known as the walking mediation but also as medicine in motion and it too combines the breath and circular movements to massage the internal organs and to pump the Qi and fluids of the body. Like Qigong it has the added bonus of slowing the breathing to calm the mind. This in turn relaxes and softens the body to allow for more optimum organ function.

Kung Fu : takes the ideas from the previous three methods of exercise and ramps them up in speed and power. Now the cardio-respiratory system gets to work a little harder adding to the process of detoxification, including through the skin as the pores open and sweating begins.


So all of our methods of exercise will aid in the process of systemic detoxification with added bonuses –

  • you actually get better with age and will not find you have to give away your exercise/sport for other seemingly age appropriate past times.
  • you respond to stressors in a more even manner, being less likely to get angry, feel depression, or give in to cravings and desires.
  • your instances of illness will decrease as your immune system improves.
  • you are less likely to succumb to injury and trauma, especially as you age.
  • your self esteem, confidence, courage, and discipline will improve.
  • ageing will slow down and you will be less likely to look your age.
  • you will gain a larger social community of like minded people.
  • your outlook becomes more positive and resilient.
  • your mind-body connection becomes stronger.
  • you will pick up methods of self defense.

So taking on the old adage of move it or lose it will stand you in good stead on many fronts, especially clearing the organs, tissues, and mind of toxic build up. Check out our class times to see when you might start your ongoing detox program with us!