Discover the traditional system of Hatha yoga

At FitLife, we offer Hatha yoga Gold Coast morning classes to help you prepare for the day ahead. Catering for beginners through to advanced, experience the traditional system of Hatha yoga that birthed so many of the varieties widely practiced today.

A regular yoga practice can help to unwind stress from the body, aligning your body and mind so that you can approach the day with more presence and awareness. Our Hatha yoga Gold Coast classes incorporate intentional breath work (pranayama), classical postures (asanas) and supported stretches to provide an everyday approach to cultivating calm, wellbeing and restoration of body and mind. Everyone can benefit from yoga, so we invite you to take one of our Hatha yoga Gold Coast classes—regardless of age or experience. You will leave feeling longer, looser and more relaxed.

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Weekly class times

Tuesday 9:15am
Wednesday 6:30am
Thursday 6:30am

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is an ancient practice passed down from generation to generation. It varies from practitioner to practitioner, but the essence of the philosophy focuses on proper diet, breathing and specific exercises (asanas) to purify the body and mind.

Compared to some of the other styles practiced widely today, our Hatha yoga Gold Coast classes take a slower pace. With a stretch focus and strong emphasis on pranayama breathing exercises to purify the breath, the session is closed with a brief meditation. Yusuke Komiya is our Hatha yoga Gold Coast instructor. With a background in reiki, shiatsu, Aikido and Qigong, Yusuke offers a well-rounded approach to yoga that incorporates Buddhist principles.

You may also wish to enhance your Hatha Yoga training with our Stretch Therapy (Flex) classes.

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