Selfhelp Seminar Series 2016

Welcome to our Selfhelp Seminars, a joint production from FitLife Health and Selfhelp Retreat. These will be a series of seminars presented by professionals in their respective fields, Gina Winter and Marc Webster. The goal of these seminars is to empower people to once again take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. The first three seminars will show you how to use Western and Eastern herbs to stock your home medicine cabinet to be able to treat trauma to the skin and underlying tissues. We have 3 seminars planned this year, with the possibility of others depending on your interest.

Seminar 1 : Skin Trauma  – Sunday April 24th 2016, 9am to 12pm.

One of the first principles of self help is having the right ingredients at home, ready to use when you need them. In this first session, Gina will focus on which herbs to have on hand so that you can treat yourself with home remedies that you can make yourself.

Examples will include Yarrow, Calendula, Mallow and Plantain.

Gina will also demonstrate how to make herbal oils, salves and tinctures with these herbs specifically for the home treatment of skin trauma.

Marc will teach you how to make Purple Cloud Cream from two Chinese herbs and a few simple ingredients. This herbal cream is a versatile product to use on the skin. Originally formulated to help trauma to the skin, it helps regenerate flesh, increase blood circulation to the local area, and minimises scar tissue.

It can also be used to treat cold hands and feet, insect bites, dermatitis and eczema, burns, and post surgical healing.

Seminar 2 : Inflammation and Swelling – Sunday June 12th 2016, 9am to 12pm.

In this second session, Gina will demonstrate

  • how to use green clay for the treatment of acute pain from sprains and strains, burns and minor fractures, and how it can also be used to clean infected wounds.
  • turmeric and it’s application, with a detailed demonstration on how to make turmeric paste to make golden milk for the internal treatment of inflammation.
  • herbal infusions that can be taken daily to nourish your body so that it has the requirements to heal itself. A well-nourished body can perform wonders.

You will also learn from Marc the Chinese equivalent to using ice on a recent, acute trauma like a sprained ankle. This herbal formula is renowned for reducing inflammation and dispersing congealed blood and fluids without any ice. This formula is considered the single most useful formula for the first aid treatment of sprains, strains, pulled muscles, and severe bruising. It has even been used to treat simple fractures.

Seminar 3 : Treating Trauma to the Skin, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, and Bones with Liniments – Sunday August 14th 2016, 9am to 12pm. 

In the final session, Gina will demonstrate how to make herbal liniments, poultices and infused oils to treat common muscular conditions.

Particular focus will be using and transforming Arnica, Hypericum (St Johns Wort) and Comfrey as practical home remedies for use in skeletal and muscular issues.

Marc will teach you how to make China’s famous Dit Da Jow (Hit Fall Wine). Dozens of recipes have been formulated over many centuries, borne out of combat and warfare, traumatology and martial arts. You will see several recipes put together, as well as already existing formula steeping in their alcohol bases.

Workshop notes will be emailed to you prior to each session.

At each seminar you will have the opportunity to purchase these herbal medicines at discounted seminar prices. There will be the opportunity to place orders for some of the herbs in their raw states for you to manufacture and stock your very own medicines.

The cost of individual seminars is $79. You can get a 37% for all 3 seminars up front. That’s $150.00. The seminars will be held at FitLife Martial Arts, Firth Park, Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba. Book your place now at or

Gina Winter

Gina is a qualified herbalist (ANTA) with many years of practical experience. Her foundation belief is that good health is not complicated or expensive, and is within everybody’s reach.

Gina sees the ability to make and use home remedies as a forgotten skill.

In just a few generations, we have forgotten how to help ourselves by using home remedies. Her work aim is to help people remember, reskill and relearn how to practise self help using natural, home remedies.

Gina’s ‘farm-acy’ is a small holding farm at Springbrook called Selfhelp Retreat. Gina has owned this farm for over thirty years. Over this time, Gina has established an extensive herb garden where she grows herbs for medicinal and culinary use. The farm also grows turmeric, garlic and horseradish for sale. Please visit her at or on facebook at selfhelpretreat

Marc Webster

Marc has been studying Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine since 1993. In this same year he also began his practice of Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong. He currently holds a Masters of Acupuncture, is a Chinese Herbal practitioner, and holds a 5th degree red sash in Circular Hand Preying Mantis Kung Fu. His 23 years of experience has lead to the understanding that we need to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, whether it is through Movement as Medicine, food, or herbs. His goal is to share some of the ways people can use the knowledge of the past to heal themselves in the present. You can see more of what he does at his website and Facebook pages (Chinese Kung Fu Academy Mudgeeraba, FitLife Martial Arts, and FitLife Health).