Sticking Together

Kyun Kyun Fuk Jing (or in Mandarin – Quan Quan Fu Yang) is a very classical Chinese proverb. It translates to ‘adhere or stick faithfully to someone or something.’

In regards to relationships this proverb is talking about the commitment people make to each other for friendship, business, and love. In true friendship, and other partnerships, you stick together showing true loyalty in the easy times, the hard times, during stress or celebration, and for the long term. You don’t let the other person suffer alone or face hardships without you. You offer honest advice and do whatever you can if they ask for help. But always admit if you cannot provide the resources they need, therefore not giving them false hope.

For success in training something of such deep self development, like Chinese martial arts, adherence to regular practice over decades is a must. Whether it is the physical skills, the mental strength and sharpened focus, the balanced emotions, or higher spiritual powers, you must dedicate yourself to a long term disciplined practice. I have been lucky enough to train continuously for almost a quarter of a century and yet I still see so many levels of achievement still before me. My Sifu once told me the longer and deeper you dig into the martial arts the more gems you’ll find. He said Kung Fu is bottomless. You don’t reach the end but instead choose where to give up your journey. He advised to never be satisfied with your current level and aspire to go further and to become more for a lifetime.1


In fighting arts like Tong Long Yuen Mo Pai, Xing Yi Quan, and Bagua Zhang, Kyun Kyun Fuk Jing means to stick to your opponent, oppressing them relentlessly with your techniques.┬áThis is accomplished in Tong Long with the darn ma (single steps) and the systematic, seamless switching from cotton palm and eagle claw to ‘machine gun hitting’.

In Xing Yi Quan to adhere to someone faithfully means to use close quarters combat and never allowing them to recover once you decide to enter the fray. The Rooster’s spirit is like this. The Rooster is characterised by its bravery and courage. It will take on animals much bigger than itself and chase down opponents with its kicking, talons, and beak, faithfully adhering to them and not backing down.1

In Bagua Zhang the combatant is ‘continuously changing in response to the situation at hand in order to overcome an opponent with skill rather than brute force. By circling around and circumventing incoming force and resistance, the Bagua fighter applies his own whole body power from a position of superiority’.2

So whether you want to find the pinnacle of your chosen art – martial, music, sport, dance, art, etc, or have an amazing family with fulfilling relationships with them and your friends, or you want a hugely successful business with like minded people providing benefits not only for yourselves but also to the community and planet, then remember and ponder Kyun Kyun Fuk Jing.

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