Systemic Detoxification

In clinic we see a large number of clients that are toxic due to poor diet, medications, illicit drugs, personal hygiene products, electromagnetic exposure, and household or workplace chemicals. The body is constantly trying to rid itself of toxins but will struggle if there is also other matters to deal with. These include stress, low immunity, lack of rest and relaxation, or a sedentary lifestyle or occupation. Even if you come for treatment for a completely different reason, getting rid of the body’s toxins and toxic metabolic byproducts is important when trying to achieve good and lasting clinical results with acupuncture and moxibustion. The big advantage of using acupuncture is that there are no external chemicals involved. Acupuncture point stimulation encourages the body to use its own resources to eliminate harmful substances retained in the tissues.

Japanese Acupuncture

Indications for the systemic detoxification treatment protocol include :

  • any patient on medications, chemotherapy, hormone treatments (insulin, birth control, HRT, etc), or radiation therapy. Also the past use of medications like antibiotics and anaesthetic, and herbal treatments.
  • Patients who use recreational drugs.
  • Patients who have experienced adverse effects from medications.
  • Any occurrence of exposure to toxins, radiation, environmental poisoning, or biohazards. This can include air pollution, and poorly ventilated hospitals, labs, or factories.
  • Any patient who has experienced food poisoning, heavy metals, or any kind of travel disease.
  • Patients with Liver or Kidney disease.
  • Patients that have undergone tubal ligation or vasectomy. (The sperm and ovum are still produced by the body but have no where to go. Over time they are absorbed by the body as dead tissue.

Diagnosis is made through palpation of the thyroid reflex at the throat and on the front of the sternocleidomastoid muscles on the neck. Other constitutional treatments can be applied before the Detox Protocol – blood stagnation, immunity, adrenals, and Stomach Qi deficiency.

The treatment is relatively simple, consisting of two points bilaterally on the body. The first is Large Intestine 15 on the shoulder. The second is Kidney 9 on the leg. Kidney 9 has diuretic properties to assist the body’s detoxification processes.

All points are stimulated with minute in and out thrusts of the needle and thread sized moxibustion is applied 8 to 15 times on each point.

Point Specific Rice Grain Moxibustion