The Year of the Fire Rooster

The Year of the Fire Rooster is well underway. And although it is proving to be another hectic year it should lack the chaos of last year’s Fire Monkey. This Fire year is more controlled with the Rooster’s Yin quality and the traits of planning and structure. It is a year with the chance for change in your life and with careful preparations those changes can come to successful fruition. In Xing Yi Quan, the Rooster is renowned for its bravery and courage, and its go forward attitude no matter the circumstances. The Rooster will often take on opponents bigger than itself and will do or die. It has a tenacity that allows it to see its challenges through to the end.

The nature of the Rooster brings positivity and optimism. Something that permeates our club in general. It’s progressive and confident nature is also something we encourage in our members training and their outside lives. But the Rooster can be finicky leading to getting bogged down in the details. So don’t lose yourself waiting for perfection. Often that can come in layers as we develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So plan your goals for the year, have a clear direction on accomplishing the steps to succeed in attaining those goals, apply yourself with focus and commitment, try your best but don’t waste too much time aiming for perfection now.

  • Acknowledgement : Fighting Rooster from BrandCrowd Logo by Fixer00